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Key Takeaway

Practical considerations to enhance the quality of end-users’ online learning experience.



· The primary focus of this webinar is on the end-user experience as a consumer of online courses

· This webinar is designed to highlight some simple concepts (i.e., easy to notice, easy to fix) that can improve the end-user experience in an online course



The growth in online learning has been exponential. It has been observed that the “non-traditional” (i.e., online learning) has become the “traditional.” This increase in the customer base for online education has resulted in corresponding interest among colleges and universities to become active participants in the offering of online education. What remains unclear, at this point, is the level at which overall course quality has kept pace with this growth of customers and course providers. This webinar will focus on several key components of creating a user-friendly and engaging online course (i.e., Pace and Focus, Social Belonging, Novelty) that can be easily embedded into any online course.



· Develop skills in the analysis of online courses from an end-user perspective

· Consider various strategies for improving online engagement and enhanced user satisfaction


Friday, October 19, 2018
1:00pm - 2:45pm
College Center
Rob McGregor; Anne Forte

Event Organizer

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Kendra Lake

Dean of Library Services & Academic Technology

St. Clair County Community College Library

(810) 989-5645